Don Olsen - Bob Worden - Pat Byars

traveling a long road...are we there yet?...future is past, tense...

  ...some years ago in Spartanburg, SC - Pat & Bob (click here for Bob's bio)...wrote & recorded many tunes, played in several bands The Detonators, Adventurers Club - record of the week August 2011the abuse... tons of gigs (played at the Agora Ballroom opened for the Restraints)...

...after that Bob moved to Texas - writing songs and play with the infamous
infamous Bo-Cody Boys.
and released a solo record 
Pat moved to Los Angeles, California.

Worked as a recording engineer at Motown records studios. Played/recorded with such artists as Victoria Williams, Bruce Joyner, Spike Marlin, Suspense Rubberband, etc. He also toured and fronted bands...First Men On The Sun, EYE, & Eye Scream here for past reviews

ok2004 - Pat moves to Atlanta, reunited with Bob after many years... & teamed up with Don Olsen also currently drumming in several Atlanta bands such as Boxcar Radio and Mike Killeen among

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