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Many years ago in Spartanburg SC, Pat & Bob wrote & recorded a bunch of original tunes, played in several bands...notably, a punk band called The Abuse...

Here are some shots from a show we played in 1979 in Atlanta at the Agora Ballroom...

                                                          Live Pat


1980-81 Sheffield and London England as First Men on the Sun...

English music mag called NMX review:

Back in Spartanburg SC early 80's we released a 45RPM EP...

Here's a review from a Talahassee Fla gig we played with Joe King Carrasco...

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LA Times

Eclectic Electric: ..."It's a cross between bluegrass and psychedelic rock" says Byars who's originally from South Carolina. The band has a self-produced CD that is receiving some airplay on several local stations. Byars, the primary singer and writer of Eye Scream Headache, lists some influcences that are somewhat eclectic as well: the Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa. "I like the way the Dead mixed in country elements (into rock)," Byars says. "I was a Deadhead for about four or five years in the late '70s." But while the Dead influenced his music, Zappa altered Byars entire world view. "I heard Zappa very early---when I was in the sixth grade," Byars says. "It blew my whole head open."
by James Fowler, April 18, 1998

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Berkeley Express

Pat Byar's brainchild Eye emits psychedlic prog-rock with heavy Dead and Zappa influences and a bit of bluegrass and Sproul Plaza drumming thrown into the mix.
by Lee Hildebrand, August 23, 1998

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Relix Magazine

Eye is a California band with a sound that fuses progressive rock and psychedelia, and adds a few hard-edged twists as well as a few folk curves. Actually from the self-titled CD, it appears that the band is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Pat Byars more than anything. There's some strong material here, and despite the fact that Byars plays most of the instruments (save for percussion by Walter Phelan), this feels and sounds like a true band effort. Best cuts are the soaring rock of "Six Finger Handshake," which contains some blistering guitar work and thunderous percussion, and the more infectious rock of "Stalled In First Gear."
by Mick Skidmore, August 1998

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